We believe that an idea and a concept make the difference and lead us to disruptive solutions.

In this way, we offer a global service that goes from the architectural project to the image and merchandising, including engineering, furniture, equipment and technology. We create specific concepts for each project, thought about the reality and local context that, in conjunction with the Customer, will always become more competitive and profitable.

Present in the Portuguese market for more than 15 years, Teckprojects together with Teckpharma, began it’s expansion 8 years ago in Spain, France, Malta, Angola and Saudi Arabia. It is part of our goals to enter and explore new markets, where our experience can bring added value and leverage business. For this to happen, our partners are major elements in our structure, establishing with us a solid and lasting partnership.


From the beginning until the project is completed, we will always be side by side with our Clients. All projects are different and unique, and our goal is to do always better.


Discuss the briefing with the Client and reach as many conclusions as possible, is for us the best way to work. This way, each one in charge will have in his possession the best information to better execute his task for each phase of the project.


According to the complexity of each project, we try our best to help our Clients to understand the different steps of each project. For this, our professionals use all the necessary practical tools, which aim to show every stage and every detail of the project, as close as possible to the final product.


Over the years we established strong partnerships with various construction companies. They are, with the help and supervision of our team, the key pieces for the materialization of the projects.Strong partnerships, which seek to give our customers the best price, the best quality, the greatest innovation and the best timing for each project.


Our values are the basis of each project.


We are committed on delivering a turnkey project, from architectural design to merchandising and image, including engineering, furniture, equipment and technology. A specific concept, considering the local context and the reality of each project, where together with our Clients we reach the most profitable and adapted project, always according to the available investment.