An international firm of architects, planners and interior designers specialising in a wide range of commercial, residential and public sector projects.


Searching perfection.


A team of architects, who combine innovation and dedication in the search for the perfect project, according to the needs of each client, generating immediate and long-term quality.


Fresh ideas for each space.


We create dynamic spaces for innovation and collaboration in order to maximize proximity and contact. Constant demand for new materials and construction methods.


Big or small, rehabilitation is sometimes a need.


At Teckprojects you will find the right professionals with large experience in this field. From the rehabilitation of interiors, housing, office or shop, passed by old buildings or urban architecture. We want to provide you with a turnkey project, done according to your budget, where your satisfaction is our priority.


Tailor made projects for your business.


Design is form and functionality. Whatever your business is, it is important that the space is thought according to your requirements and needs. Starting from the brand, through the equipment or technology, it is important that all the people who work in it feel comfortable and be productive. At Teckprojects we care about all these aspects, and our professionals will help you to find the best solution for your business.


The best, at your service.


The experience of designers, architects, engineers and managers, forming a team of knowledge in each area, resulting in coordination and management of turnkey projects.


The strength and success of your business.


The identity of a brand is the start for the success of a product or service. At Teckprojects you will find the experience of more than 20 years of consistent work in this area, through professionals who have worked and given proofs in the best national and multinational advertising agencies in Portugal. From creation to production, study and analysis of the Market, we want with this service to provide you the leverage and success of your business.


20 years of experience, always innovating.


Companies are defined by their DNA and distinguish themselves from each other in their essence, in its spirit and in their goals. At Teckprojects we are thinking about the Pharmacy of the Future, a laboratory of development, investigation and tendecies. We invest every day in a relationship of partnership and proximity to our customers, sure that in every project our team will always learn something new, which allows us to evolve and improve our solutions.